PKB BLOG: The self-assessment tax return


Self-assessment How and when to complete your self-assessment tax return.   HMRC uses self-assessment to collect tax from individuals who run their own businesses or if they receive income that is not taxed through PAYE. The individuals who have to submit a self-assessment tax return fall into a number of diverse circumstances including: being self-employed…

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PKB BLOG: Protecting YOUR Cash Flow


Every business needs cash flow, not only to survive but to thrive. Cash flow is the one thing that can keep your business moving forward or stop it dead in its tracks. Want to know more?  Read our latest blog now and join us at our ‘Protecting YOU and YOUR BUSINESS’ event. Do you have…

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PKB BLOG: VAT after Brexit – what now?


On 23 June 2016, the British public voted in one of the most important referendums of modern times.  So now we have Brexit. The public’s decision to leave the EU will have an impact on almost every aspect of economic life. Trading relationships will need to be reformulated and new ways of attracting foreign investment…

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Do you need help to get started with your financial plan?


Achieving your financial goals is made harder when you don’t have a plan laid out on paper. Without a timescale, a sense of priority and an idea of how you will use your money in the future, how can you be sure that you’ll achieve what you want to in your lifetime? This is where…

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Audits and accounts


An audit is an official inspection of a company or organisation’s accounts by an independent body. A company can choose to be audited in order to prove to its investors or shareholders that its accounts are sound. An external audit should also determine whether all financial reporting is in accordance with current accounting standards and…

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