Property and Tax – Get it right from the start


Like all aspects of property taxation, there are many ways to get it wrong.  There are dozens of rules, exemptions, reliefs and penalties which must be considered. If you want to get it right from the start, get in touch with us here at PKB. Careful planning, sound advice and the right timing will make…

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What is an SA302? – How to ease the mortgage application headache


Getting a mortgage couldn’t be easier, could it?   It seems from regularly talking to clients going through the mortgage application system, there is a small cog that is slowing the process down, causing unnecessary frustration to borrowers. Keith Penny, Company Director of multi adviser IFA firm Pennymatters Ltd, said “The carefree approach of some lenders…

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How to reward your staff?


This article outlines some of the different ways employers can reward their staff and the tax implications of each approach. So what are the options and how do they weigh up against each other?  There are many ways that an employer can go about rewarding their staff, from gifts and bonuses to parties.   Get in…

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PKB introduce two new team members


PKB have welcomed two new staff members into the team. Phillip Clarke and Ryan Firth have both joined the firm as it continues to experience growth both locally and further afield. Phillip has been appointed as an Accounts & Audit Semi Senior at the Crowthorne office and joins the team after having worked for 3-years…

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Understanding dividends – how are they changing?


The chancellor George Osborne wasn’t exaggerating when he said he was undertaking a “major and long overdue reform to simplify the taxation of dividends” in his Summer Budget speech.   Want to understand how dividend taxation will change from April 2016?   Contact us about dividend tax   Changes at a glance:   There are…

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