From: Eila Rochfort - Senior Partner, Neale Turk Rochfort

'Grow old along with me; the best is yet to be' - so the saying goes. Well, we have been clients of PKB since 1988 and our loyalty has been due to the excellent personal service they have given us over the years. Acting for solicitors is a specialism not many accountants have, but PKB have excelled in understanding the Solicitors Accounts Rules and the requirements of an annual audit. The tax affairs of the practice and the partners have been handled so efficiently and we have really appreciated the excellent and relevant business development advice and support given by Yvonne Miles. Our two firms have run parallel all this time and both are facing an exciting future so we are confident that indeed - 'the best is yet to be'.

From: Steve Farr, Jewel Windows Ltd

Before, we were a little wary of accountants due to a previous bad experience but since asking PKB Accountants to look after our accounts, we have had a weight completely lifted off our shoulders.

From: Keith Penny - Director, Pennymatters

In the recent months, PKB Accountants have delivered and filed our latest set of corporate returns and accounts, produced my own personal tax returns, including another limited company, and offered me complete confidence. Some of this information was needed at short notice to allow me to obtain a mortgage for an impending house move. It is a pleasure to be associated with PKB Accountants and the positive feedback at our inaugural business seminar is testament to the efforts you have made since we first engaged positively over 15 years ago. I look forward to the future with confidence and thus will always have no doubt in promoting PKB Accountants as first port of call for any potential new client.

From: Cherry Berry, The Tilehurst Club

PKB Accountants have shown me that there are still companies out there who care about their clients and are willing to go the extra step to help. We wouldn't have survived without their support.

From: Kenneth Edkins, Sherratt Electrical Services

In this pressurised world of business performance and attainment or targets, it is refreshing to meet with a company like PKB Accountants whose values are to place the customer's needs first

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