2020 has been an incredibly difficult year for businesses in the UK. With the second national lockdown now upon us, it means that many have had to close their doors once again.

While there are a number of government support grants available, it’s still a worrying and uncertain time for businesses. We believe that one of your key support networks during the COVID-19 outbreak should be your accountant.

If you only hear from your accountant once a year as the tax deadline approaches, are they doing enough for your business? There are many ways firms such as PKB can help you survive and even thrive going into 2021.

We can:

  • Let you know the government grants and loans you’re entitled to if you’ve been impacted by coronavirus
  • Manage and improve cashflow by identifying inefficiencies in your business. Have a read of our blog to find out more about how we do this
  • Identify how you can maximise profits even during difficult times
  • Help with all aspects of tax planning so you can reduce the amount you owe and ensure you know exactly what to expect
  • Transition your business to Making Tax Digital
  • Conduct an audit to assess the efficiency, accuracy and strength of your current accountancy systems
  • Provide business development and consultancy services to ensure the right steps are in place to give your business the greatest chance of success
  • If you’re constantly battling to work out how much profit you’re making, who owes you money, how much VAT you have to pay or can’t figure out what your management reports mean, our bookkeeping services can help

If you’re thinking about changing your accountant, please head to our ‘Switching Accountant’ page where you will be able to find further information about how to do this. If you have any questions about the support available to businesses during coronavirus or you would like details about switching your accountant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with PKB.


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