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Bookkeeping Services

If you find yourself constantly battling to work out how much profit you’re making, who owes you money, how much VAT you have to pay or can’t figure out what your management reports mean, Bookkeeping Services from PKB Accountants can help.


We provide a range of bookkeeping services to suit your business, ranging from a simple record of sales and expenses to a fully integrated sales ledger, purchase ledger and nominal ledger bookkeeping system.

If you are happy doing your own bookkeeping, we can support you by helping you set up a reliable and efficient system.

Year-end accounts close down

We can also assist you when it comes to making sure that your accounts system has been properly closed down at year-end. This will help to protect you because it guarantees that all the appropriate back-ups and hard copies have been taken. We will then set up your accounting system for the new year as this allows you to maintain the integrity of your accounting system from one year to the next.


If you’re looking for accountancy firms in Berkshire or would like more information about PKB Accountants and the bookkeeping services we offer, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help.