Here’s a thought: why is the government so fond of acronyms and initialisms when it comes to tax law?

Capital allowances in particular are rife with confusing acronyms. WDA, FYA, SPA, ECA, BPRA*… the list goes on.

One we often get asked about is AIA: the Annual Investment Allowance.

What is AIA?

AIA provides qualifying businesses and partnerships with 100% tax relief on plant and machinery expenditure in the year of purchase. You can currently claim tax relief on up to £500,000 worth of plant and machinery expenses but only until 31 December 2015 – after which the maximum limit will drop back to £25,000.

Who can claim?

In order to be eligible for AIA, you must be one of the following:

  • A sole trader
  • A partnership where all members are individuals
  • A company
  • An employee (if you provide your own equipment).

Trusts and mixed partnerships made up of companies and individuals are not eligible for the allowance.

When can I claim it?

You can claim AIA on most plant or machinery purchases, provided it is used for your business. Examples of plant and machinery expenditure include:

  • Office equipment
  • Agricultural machinery
  • Vans, trucks and lorries
  • Machines used for business.

However, not all plant and machinery purchases qualify for AIA:

  • Cars, buildings and land
  • Plant and machinery that was gifted to your business
  • Expenditure incurred in an accounting period when your business stopped trading
  • Plant and machinery used under a long funding lease.

We’re here to help

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*writing down allowances, first-year allowances, small pools allowance, enhanced capital allowances, business premises renovation allowance – in case you were wondering.

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