Nearly half (41%) of self-employed people struggle to save any money each month, leaving them exposed to financial problems.

A survey of 9,495 self-employed workers has revealed the top financial concerns which are worrying small business owners. The research was carried out by insurer, LV= and found that:

  • One in three self-employed workers wouldn’t be able to survive for more than three months if they lost their income.
  • Nearly two thirds (62%) find that bills eat up the majority of their wages.
  • Sole traders are more likely to be hit with unexpected costs (33%), such as home maintenance and repairs, compared to the national average of 28%.
  • Nearly half (41%) of self-employed people struggle to save money each month – making it difficult to cover unexpected costs and make payments to HMRC on time.
  • 28% of sole traders are concerned about not being able to work due to an accident and 29% are worried about what would happen if they became unwell and couldn’t work.

Justin Harper, head of protection policy at LV=, said:

“It’s often the case that self-employed people lack the safety net of an employer’s benefits, such as sick pay. This means they risk having to rely instead on state benefits, which can involve a lengthy application and wait with no guarantee of any support.”

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Income protection

In circumstances where you are unable to work, there are protection policies available to help cover your costs.

Income protection pays out a tax-free percentage of your earnings, usually between 50% and 70%, until retirement, death or your return to work.

If diagnosed with a long-term illness or disability, critical illness cover can pay you a tax-free lump sum to cover your expenses.

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