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About Rebecca:

Rebecca joined PKB Accountants in 2005.  In 2009, after having her second child, Rebecca returned to set up PKB Accountants new marketing function and lead PKB Accountants rebranding project in 2011.  She obviously felt we all needed to Aspire, Achieve and Enjoy!

Rebecca’s words:

“There are few things I hate more than being outside my comfort zone. And yet that’s exactly what I have to face every day at PKB Accountants. Financial Services and accountants in particular do not find marketing an easy concept to grasp. When you operate in a world that deals with facts and figures I suppose it’s easy to understand why you might see marketing as fluffy and intangible. So it’s not enough to come up with great ideas, I need to demonstrate how they can be implemented affordably and set out the anticipated results. In short, I need to convince the powers that be what to expect and why before we can get the green light – and that can be very hard.

 Probably the single biggest problem I faced during my most recent campaign was creating a “look” that was atypical of the industry. Accountants – they’re all the same aren’t they? You can be forgiven for thinking this because all firms do look very similar and appear to behave the same way when it comes to their marketing. However, PKB Accountants are not the same.”


Rebecca wants to take PKB Accountants where they have never seen before and is concentrating on communicating with PKB Accountants clients in a way they prefer in order to build stronger relationships.


Rebecca has recently qualified with The Chartered Institute of Marketing.  She is also a professional juggler – as in, finding time to keep everyone happy at both home and work.


Rebecca enjoys time with her family and having the excuse to behave like a big kid!

What others say about Rebecca:

“Rebecca Austin is a rare individual in that she is a natural marketer. She has a real talent for understanding what PKB Accountants target audiences need and how best to communicate with them. She is a pleasure to deal with – always receptive and always willing to help. Rebecca’s secret to success lies in that she is both a great listener and a quick learner. Consequently, she can adapt to changing market conditions swiftly and remain focused on delivering the very best results.”  – Duncan Richardson, JDi

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