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Tax investigations: the chances of HMRC choosing your business

Humans are pretty bad at assessing risk. We’re terrified of the things that are actually very unlikely to happen (such as plane crashes and power station meltdowns) but are relatively blasé about things that are statistically more likely to harm us, such as unwashed...

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Planning for National Insurance

Everything you need to know about your obligations and opportunities when it comes to paying National Insurance (NI). Anyone living and working in the UK pays National insurance contributions (NICs) which are used to pay the state pension and other benefits. Due to...

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Should I outsource payroll?

Below we highlight everything you need to know about outsourcing payroll so you can make an informed decision about whether or not it makes sense for your business. Around 1.4 million businesses in the UK employed members of staff in 2018, and all of them shared one...

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Guide to completing your self-assessment tax return

Need help with filing your self-assessment tax return? Well here's everything you need to know.  It’s a common scenario. As the year draws to a close, the thought of your tax return is there, at the back of your mind. But with so much time before the deadline, you...

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Deregistering for VAT

When and how to begin the process of deregistration With the Government concerned that many business owners deliberately choose to stay below the VAT-registration threshold, this is a subject of much speculation at the moment. While limiting your ambition might seem...

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