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Employees with Benefits

Should you motivate your staff with perks? Yes! But make sure you understand the tax implications involved, for you and them.       Offering perks to your staff is a great way to attract good people to your business, and encourage them to stay. Research by Capita...

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The 5 Money Dangerzones in Relationships, and how to navigate them

With PKB’s help, you are probably adept at managing your business finances from 9-5. But how are things going in your personal life? For Valentine’s Day, we’ve created our tips on how you can successfully manage your money within a relationship, so that love — and...

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Small businesses are facing a skills shortage

A survey carried out by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) has revealed that small companies are experiencing skills shortages in both their workforce and their recruitment processes. Of the 1,203 business owners who participated in the survey, 46% said that...

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PKB warning: HMRC or SCAM?

If you get a phone call claiming to be from HMRC demanding an immediate payment, DO NOT REVEAL YOUR CARD DETAILS. You are being scammed. At this time of year, when Tax is on everyone’s minds due to the January 31st deadlines, con-artists try to cash in. We’ve recently...

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3 ways to ease the threat of an HMRC tax investigation

How to lessen your chances of being investigated, and how we can help if you are HMRC Tax Investigations are on the rise. With new Government targets to hit, HMRC is under pressure to audit more businesses than ever - including small companies, micro-businesses and...

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