Setting up a business and funding it while it takes its first, unsteady steps in the world can be an expensive proposition.  As it grows and becomes more resilient, a successful company will begin to be able to stand tall on its own 2 feet, but the initial infancy can be resource intensive.


Attracting the right kind of finance

  1. Write a strong business plan
  2. Get to grips with the financials
  3. Check your track record and credit score
  4. Be honest and realistic
  5. Stay in touch

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The best option for your business

It could be that you don’t actually need to go elsewhere for funding at all.  In some cases we have helped clients to release the money through the use of leasing, factoring and asset finance.


Talk to us today about raising capital

Every choice about how you are going to finance your business will bring its own pros and cons, results, ramifications and obligations, so take your time, talk to one of our experts and see which direction is most suited to you.


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