The first of our planned programme of workshops for CEOs and Business Leaders was held on 3rd April, 2013 at Grovefield House, Burnham.  It was a small but perfectly formed group of
individuals and headed by one of PKB’s Partners,  Don Blackwell.

The event was aimed at making the attendees really think about their business, their strategies and where they wish to be.  The following questions were put to the guests; Do you know your goals?  Are you on target?  Would you like to achieve more and work less?


IMG_4822The overwhelming feedback from the day was that presenter – Don Blackwell, the content, quality and value of the event were excellent.  Richard Thwaites (Metro Bank) said, “A well constructed and balanced seminar.  Covered old and new ground to good effect.  An accountancy firm with a sense of humour, most refreshing. Well worth the investment of time.” 

Many of the current issues that business owners face were discussed and crucially, simple and effective ways of addressing them. The group shared experiences and offered advice, which created a valuable and effective ‘boardroom style’ workshop.

Don is no ordinary accountant, he is PKB’s Business Strategy guru with over 30 years working for some of the most successful businesses on the planet.  We call him ‘The Don’ because he asks tough questions, pulls no punches and always delivers for his clients. (Don’s Bio).  Vernon Riley (KK Smarts) said, “Don is adept at letting the group discuss and feeds in the PKB experience as part of the process. Much food for thought and an  excellent group of people”.

If you would like information on the content of the workshop, details of future events or a meeting with Don, please do get in touch.  Contact details are on our website –

“Don is not just an accountant. If he were, I wouldn’t speak to him. You need someone who understands business not just numbers: someone who gets where you’re coming from and where you’re going.  Don can not only keep up, but he’ll give you a damn good run for your money. Use him.”  Ian de Thier – J&J Pneumatics

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