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Understanding dividends – how are they changing?

The chancellor George Osborne wasn't exaggerating when he said he was undertaking a "major and long overdue reform to simplify the taxation of dividends" in his Summer Budget speech.   Want to understand how dividend taxation will change from April 2016?  ...

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Accounting for change: audits and annual accounts

What accounts do companies need to complete?   The threshold for compulsory filing of audited financial statements rose on 6 April 2015 to those businesses with a turnover of £10.2 million or more for periods commencing from 1 January 2016. This means that most...

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Making the most of your savings

Want to know how to use your savings in order to improve your financial position? Contact us to talk about making your savings work for you.   What do you want from your savings?   What you want to achieve is the foundation of your savings strategy.  Some of...

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Financing your business: What are the alternatives?

Setting up a business and funding it while it takes its first, unsteady steps in the world can be an expensive proposition.  As it grows and becomes more resilient, a successful company will begin to be able to stand tall on its own 2 feet, but the initial infancy can...

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